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We supply the purest water available through our innovative water generation system. ‘Water out of thin air’ is air2eau’s delivery promise and that is exactly what our systems do – extracting between 28 litres and 5000 litres of moisture from the air daily (depending on model) and then passing it through a sophisticated filtration system to produce 100% sustainable pure drinking water - the only purer water on the planet is from an Icelandic glacier!

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There are loads of benefits in adopting our technologies, large or small. Here are some of them.


As businesses strive to make decisions that bring an increased sustainability profile to operations, there will be few, if any, that are 100% sustainable.

The air2eau unit makes 100% sustainable ‘water out of thin air’. The added bonus is that the unit itself is a demonstrable way of showing both staff and clients / suppliers that you are practising what you preach – far too often sustainability projects are ‘hidden’ and are difficult to easily be promoted to support any sustainability initiatives.

air2eau also provides a partnership poster that is placed with the unit to help ‘advertise’ the sustainable initiative you have undertaken with our water generation unit .


The environmental cost goes way beyond just money. Water is a natural resource that is projected to be running out. Using air2eau water generation units can help reduce this resource wastage.

For example, if all the estimated 1 million water coolers and plumbed in units in the UK commercial sectors were replaced with air2eau water generation units we could ‘save’ 10.3 billion litres of water annually

Add to that the environmental impact of manufacture and delivery of plastic bottles and it is easy to see how the carbon footprint of the air2eau water generation system and environmentally responsibility stands proudly head and shoulders above any other drinking water supply.

Having such an environmentally responsible and sustainable water supply will help you encourage your staff to not add to any harmful environmental impact by avoiding buying retailed bottled water.

And the air2eau water generation unit doesn’t use any more electricity than other types of supply...


The quality of the drinking water made from thin air by the air2eau water generation system is by far and away the purest. One measure of water quality revolves around Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) - this measures the variety of solids that are found in water from minerals to rust to lead etc etc. Most tap and bottled water (including retailed bottled water) will have a TDS level of more than 200. The water that is made from thin air by the air2eau water generation system has a TDS level of less than 50.

The importance of this is highlighted by the Hydration council

In short, the purer the water, the quicker staff will hydrate and enjoy the benefits of improved concentration. This means less fatigue, improved productivity and less potential absenteeism – and businesses can help staff to understand that by supplying the purest sustainable and environmentally responsible drinking water that they are enhancing their well being – again what ‘price’ is the improved relations and morale of your staff as well as the benefits of improved productivity and reducing the risk of absenteeism !


All the air2eau water generation unit requires to be fully operational is a power socket

No longer do you need to be constrained by where your water supply is or by where pipes can be laid or placed.

The air2eau units can be placed alongside work stations in the middle of work floors – whilst each trip to a plumbed in unit some distance from work stations may not seem to eat up much work time, once you add up a few trips per day over a year you have ‘lost’ valuable productivity – if you calculate that by placing an air2eau water generation unit where you want it can save 30 seconds a trip, and each member of staff makes 4 trips per working day – that is 2 minutes every day for an average of 260 working days per year. This equates to over 8 hours ‘lost’ productivity for each staff member !

All of a sudden you can see how having the flexibility of an air2eau water generation unit can save you a significant ‘hidden’ cost. And don’t forget what other uses you can put the free space from no bottle storage to – how much does each square foot of your building cost?

health + safety

A full plastic bottle for a water cooler weighs circa 20kg and should be lifted by two people – there is therefore risk of injury if for expedience one person lifts the bottle onto the cooler.

There is also a safety issue for bottles being stored properly and potential trip hazard from badly placed bottles.

The Air2eau water generation unit therefore removes such health and saftey risks.

Many plumbed in units have no mechanism for dealing with leaking or burst pipes and therefore a leak could start on a Friday evening and be left unchecked until the Monday morning. The air2eau water generation system has a sensor system which will switch the unit off in the highly unlikely event of a leak. The air2eau unit also has a locking button to protect accidental release of hot water.

big scale

Our Oasis systems are designed to act exactly like an oasis – an endless supply of sustainable water, not from underground rivers or aquifers but from the air. Our Oasis systems can generate 5,000 litres per day of the purest drinking water and be run off a generator or an electricity supply. We are currently developing the use of wind and solar energy as being a truly sustainable linked power supply.

What are the uses for the air2eau Oasis system?

  • Relief aid – The Oasis system can be deployed in times of crisis or humanitarian need. The units can either be attached to a truck or deployed as free standing and be generating pure water as soon as linked to a power source
  • Low cost infrastructure – in remote villages or areas where the cost of building traditional infrastructure would be prohibitive, the flexibility and relative low cost alternative of the Oasis system makes perfect sense
  • Sporting / outdoor events – where large crowds gather on an irregular basis the ability to provide pure drinking water comes with the deployment of the Oasis system. Once the event has finished the oasis system can then be redeployed where next needed
  • Large External water needs - (such as golf courses, vineyards) with sustainability in mind, large sporting complexes are currently using a huge amount of natural resource – the Oasis system can replace or augment the need for such quantities of water to feed the soil and turf
  • Building / Construction Projects – the Oasis system can become an integral part of a new build project to be there as a ‘back-up’ source of water or to become the water supply for that building complex. Also the Oasis system can be deployed as the water supply for the workforce at the construction stage.
  • Military deployment– when there is a need to move troops in manoeuvres or in action theatres, pure water to keep the troops hydrated can be moved in with the supply chain and be producing water as soon as powered up.
  • The air2eau Oasis system is therefore a flexible, deployable and sustainable system that allows the worries of clean pure drinking water to be washed away in the knowledge that there will always be an endless supply of “water out of thin air”

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